New 2014 Toyota Highlander testing

2014 Toyota Highlander is now ready for the initial testing and also seen on testing tracks but traditionally covered completly with gray cover. It is highly expected that Toyota will debut its new Highlander in 2014. While having first look on this vehicle only some of the features may be judged. 2014 Toyota Highlander comes with strong and blunt front end installed with massive grille and some racks towards D-pillar. Big wheels and chrome trim on window assures that this would be a higher end version of Highlander and this could also be Limited 4WD. That was about exterior, while interior could be more tech smart and driver friendly. Camera, GPS, and sensing devices are also expected and head as rumors, because so far there is no official announcement. There many features that are different from 2013 Toyota Highlander.

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2014 Toyota Highlander

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