Mastretta MXT-R at Auto sport International Racing Car Show

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Mastretta pulling back the covers on its latest creation, the MXT-R, at the Auto sport International Racing Car Show. Mastretta  is located about half an hour outside the city limits in Mexico City Ocoyoacac. Currently on sale in Mexico and Europe, edgy package is based on said alloy frame linked with a British floorboard carbon fiber and the rear engine mount. 

Mastretta mxt Body:

The body is made ​​entirely of composites and caresses on the earth MXT 17-inch Toyo tires. Powertrain present the MXT-R is a 2.0-liter turbocharged affair mounted transversely at the rear, good for 247 horsepower at 5200 rpm per minute and 257 lb-ft of torque peaking at 3950 rpm. From Ford, Mazda is formerly the front-end engineering Eco Boost unit which has been used in warmer Focus and Fiesta units around the world until recently. Only £ 2100, the time of 0-60 is rated at 4.9 seconds.

Mastretta mxt Update:

Managing Director Carlos Mastretta MXT-R tells us that the Mastretta currently sells for the equivalent of $ 58,000 in Mexico, and he insists that once the car is salable in the rest of North America, that price will remain intact for us, too. Auto Mastretta has a Great family heritage which should add a nice bit of branding effort MXT-R.  Therefore, says Mastretta, very real Italian influences behind this effort. With a great luck, we’ll drive the MXT-R in Europe in January with our French connections. We look forward to see how it is and whether North Americans could warm to a track day semi-locally produced 2 seater with a pedigree interesting. Mastretta is among best Mexico sports car and that is the reason it ranks top among its competitors.

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